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The matchmaking process

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Initial Telephone Call

We will respond to you contacting us, either by calling us on 07470553881 or by completing our Connect form. Within 48 hours we will arrange a callback, at a suitable time for you. This call takes about 30 minutes and is a diarised appointment. During the call, we aim to find out a little more about you. We will then know how we can assist you and we will answer any questions you may have.

Complimentary Initial Meeting

If we believe we can assist you after the initial call then all potential members are offered a complimentary, no-obligation meeting with us.

The meeting gives us an opportunity to get to know you better and what qualities and values you seek in a partner. Expect this meeting to take about one hour.  We have a number of venues we use for meetings in Surrey, Sussex, London, Bristol and Hampshire.  If we believe we can offer you a good number of matches to meet then we will offer you a membership.  Please don’t expect us to show you our members’ profiles at this meeting because:

Our members value their privacy.  They would not expect us to show their profile to a non-member who has not signed a confidentiality agreement.  You will appreciate that, at this stage, you are a stranger to us.  We won’t have carried out any identity checks on you so we would not show you our members’ private information.

Consultation and Personality Test

Once you have become a member, we will ask you to complete a profile questionnaire. We will then book in a consultation for you to conduct your personality test. The personality test is designed to learn more about the type of traits you have. It also helps establish how likely you are to mesh with people with similar traits or your polar opposite. It’s rare, but sometimes opposites do attract.

Most people tend to want someone who shares their values with similar traits to them. The test we use was designed by Dr Helen Fisher, author of the best selling book, ‘Why Him Why Her – How to find and keep lasting love’. The consultation and test help us write an accurate profile for you and select the best matches for you.

Professional Photo Shoot

Bespoke Members receive a professional photo shoot included in their membership, with our professional photographers. This ensures they look their best for their dating profile. This is included in your membership, so you don’t pay extra. You get to keep your images and some people like to use a couple for their LinkedIn profile or websites.

Taster and Full members can benefit from our preferential rate for a photo-shoot with if they wish to do so.

Dating Coach

Some of our memberships include a one to one session with one of our dating and relationship experts. This will depend on who is best placed to help you and what membership you take. The session will help you prepare for dating with renewed confidence and uncover any barriers you may have to dating, which are preventing you from finding love. Click to read more about the Your Matchmaker Team.

Guaranteed Matches throughout Membership

We have a well established network of single male and female members and so we are confident we can guarantee suitable matches. If we don’t think we can match you we will be honest with you before we even meet with you.

We specify the number of matches in your membership agreement and will guarantee you at least that number. We may offer you more matches depending on how open you are to meeting recommendations. This will also depend on your characteristics and on how narrow or otherwise your preferences are in a partner.

After becoming a member we select matches for you. We use information you provided based on what qualities and values you are looking for in a partner, as well as life style and some cross over on interests. We exchange profiles with your consent and remaining in control only you decide whether to meet the person for a date. You receive one match at a time to meet. There is no double dating involved here.

We encourage you to meet every match we recommend because attraction can only come from a physical meeting, in person. Yes, we can all look at a photo and swoon over our celebrity crush. That doesn’t mean they would be compatible with you or even fancy you. There are a number of members who initially thought they might not fancy the person from their profile. Yet, after meeting them they were pleasantly surprised as they did fancy them and found they had much more in common than a few words on a profile.

Your Date

If you both agree that you would like to meet then we then exchange your first names and contact details. We bow out letting you arrange your date, but we offer plenty of support should you require it.

We recommend that your date takes place within 10 days from exchange of profiles. Afterwards we ask that you provide us with feedback on how it went. The feedback you provide enables us to continue to work on your behalf and find you that long term partner. If your date went well, we are very pleased to hear that. If you’re not meeting again, then we work with you and based on feedback, provide you with another match.

We do not limit the number of matches you have, but work hard to find you your ideal partner within a few months. We have matched many happy couples who are now in long term relationships. Some have married, are engaged or simply live together. We would love the opportunity to achieve the same for you.

Membership Options and Fees

We have a number of affordable options for people considering using a matchmaker and also have a Bespoke Membership for elite individuals with exceptional lifestyles. Please see Your Membership Options to see our fees for each membership.

You can find The One!

The best news we get is when a client announces their engagement, their marriage, the birth of a baby or their intention to move in together. With our help, you too can find The One!