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“We are still at the beginning stages of our relationship but as far as I know, everything is going well as we are meeting yet again next week.”
– Male 62 – Retired

“We are very much still in the relationship. In fact we are having a baby next year!”
– Male 41 – Medical Professional

“Hi, yes we’re still together. Just over 3 years now you’ll be pleased to know. Congratulations on your wedding this year. It gives me great hope at the age of 53 to ask her to marry me (I really hope she says yes)”
– Male 53 – Business Owner

“I feel am getting far more into the swing of things in respect of this process, and I feel so much more confident about going on these dates, and I am definitely seeing the differences from my experiences of internet dating (i.e. very lovely, genuine matches through your recommendations)”
– Male 43 – Teacher

“Just wanted to give you some feedback following our first date. What a delightful gent. Definitely worth exploring further. I agree with you he has lovely eyes and a genuine nature. Can also be quite funny. As you know he’s very into his cars so is taking me for a day out to Goodwood Revival this Saturday. As that’s going to be several hours together it will give us a better idea how we might get along. Well done to you for matching us. There are enough similarities for us to get on and enough differences to keep things interesting.
Thanks again and very best wishes” – Female 58

“Having been a member of a couple of other agencies, I have found the whole experience with you wonderful . Your approach is very different to what I had before and the clarity I have come to about what I really want through your process has been the best. The discussions we’ve had helped me see I chose the wrong people and now I feel ready to have the right people put in front of me” – Male 57 – Business Owner

“I met her after work on Friday. She was lovely, exactly what I’m looking for. You did very well. The 3 hours flew by and I enjoyed my date. Lots of talk about our travels abroad. By the end of the evening I did quite fancy her. She was easy going and I felt very comfortable in her company. She seemed down to earth and had a very good sense of humour. I agree with you that she had a great smile too. I sent her a message Friday after the date, thanking her and saying I had a very nice evening and she replied and we’re meeting again” – Male 37 – Accountant

“Morning, I thought I would touch base with you and let you know that things with him are going very well. I realised this morning that it was January when we first met, I thought maybe I should have let you know sooner. I say this in the nicest possible way that I hope I won’t be coming back to you! Thank you, you really did do what you said you would” – Female 51 – Consultant

“I must say you have done a fantastic job setting me up on the dates you have. All three have been great matches” – Male 49 – Company Director

“We first met a couple of Sundays ago and we had a lovely couple of hours together. She is a really lovely lady and we got on really well and agreed to meet again before we left to go home. We have been keeping in touch since and have arranged to meet again next Tuesday and I am taking her to a live music gig in Brighton and if all goes well seeing her again on the following Saturday…fingers crossed” – Male 53 – Director

“We met again for coffee yesterday and have arranged to go up to London next week to visit some galleries etc which should be really interesting for both of us. He’s a really nice guy and we seem to get on very well so far” – Female 56 – Artist

“Yes everything is good with him. We’ve been on holiday to Spain, Christmas break to Bath and now planning our summer holiday. He is the most lovely kindest man. I’m so lucky to have met him. Thank you for setting us up“ – Female 32 – Solicitor

“We are still together and going strong. Thank you so much for introducing us. The work you do is wonderful. I just wanted to wish you more success for your year ahead” – Male 59 – Consultant

“We both had a very enjoyable date. This is exactly the type of lady I am looking for” – Male 48 – Operations Manager

“Thank you for the great service you provided and the offer of a replacement match in January. In the meantime have a great and relaxing Christmas” – Female 49 – Consultant

“A friend of mine met someone through you and got married last year so I thought you might be able to help me too“ – Male, 45 – Business Owner

“He’s a lovely guy and I’ve seen him a fair bit, I even went to France and met his mum and sister”. September 2017 – Female , 27 – Doctor – Sussex

“A friend of mine met someone through you and got married last year so I thought you might be able to help me too” – Male aged 46 – Company Director 

“We’ve now had a number of dates and we had a conversation last night about where to go from this point. We both are very excited about how things are progressing between us. We have so much in common and our personality traits really seem to compliment each other. He’s also got lovely broad shoulders and a handsome face which certainly helps !! I was wondering if I could put my membership on hold whilst we take some time to get to know each other” – Female aged 31 – Law sector

“We have been getting on really well and we are very happy with the introduction you have made. We are excited to see where the next few months will take us so we would like to ask that you put both our accounts on hold” – Female aged 39 – Teacher

“He’s a lovely guy and I’ve seen him a fair bit, even went to France and met his mum and sister” – Female aged 28 – Doctor

“Hi, we’re living together now and making lots of plans for the future including our wedding, it’s all good and thank you again” – Female aged 32 – Lawyer 

“Hi, a quick update as promised…met him last night again for meal, had a wonderful evening, meeting again Thursday for supper. He’s such a lovely man, real gentleman, funny, kind…so yes I’m so pleased to have met him” – Female aged 56

“I just wanted to say thank you…she is fantastic!” – Male aged 57 – Company Director

“Our relationship has been amazing, she is strong, determined, an extremely funny and half glass full person.” – Male aged 62 – Consultant

“Thanks for checking in…ideally matched and we’re now boyfriend girlfriend, seeing where it goes…I might be in love.” – Male aged 37 – Commercial Manager

“Hi, hope all is well…Just letting you know I am flying to Greece on Sunday to meet him as joining him for 10 days on his yacht, all is going well…” – Female aged 50 – Surveyor

“I met with her yesterday and I need to say I am very impressed. We had a great day together and decided to meet again” – Male aged 34 – Company Director

“Hi, just to update, we’ve met up lots, we’re getting on well and have loads in common so we’ll see. In the meantime it was a positive experience working with you too” – Female aged 46 – Photographer

“We have met up four times and meeting again soon. Our dates have gone really well and we seem to have a connection. He’s is really a wonderful man, complete gentleman and I am looking forward to what the next few weeks and months may bring“ – Female aged 34 – HR.

“The future looks bright and it’s International Day of Happiness today – which seems well-timed for the way things are going with her. Thank you for your role in bringing us together. I appreciate the work you have done on our behalf” – Male aged 34 – Doctor

“Well, it’s been a crazy whirlwind! We have met several times and I am flying out to Italy and joining him for five days skiing. So it’s going great, therefore I would like place my membership on hold. Many Thanks” – Female aged 50 – Surveyor


We are so pleased with a large number of testimonials we have received over the years from happy clients 

“Sorry for not getting back to you sooner we were caught up in the excitement of our engagement at Christmas. Thank you so much for introducing me to someone wonderful who is making my dreams comes true, thank you so much.“ – Female aged 32 – Lawyer

“I have to say all the matches you sent me so far are spot on, I look forward to meeting this next girl“ – Male aged 39 – IT Director 

“I just wanted to let you know that my relationship with him is going really well! He is such a kind, caring man. Thank you for introducing us and Merry Christmas – Female aged 53 – Theatre Nurse

“I hope you are well. Thanks to you we have enjoyed the last few months together and are looking forward to spending our first Christmas together too. I wish you continued success next year and a Happy Christmas” – Male aged 57 – Director

“Working with you was a breath of fresh air.  Rather than relying on written testimonials, emailed pictures and a brief telephone call, you changed the matchmaking game from the off.  Meeting face to face, getting to know me and only then talking the business of matchmaking. You were driven to provide the most personal approach, even down to matching cat lovers. I felt immediately confident that you would find me a suitable match and not simply suggest profiles to suggest action.  You made it clear from the start that she would only suggest introductions if you felt there was a potential match – and this may take some time. Fortunately for me, you found a suitable match within a couple of weeks. Your approach to background checks was also unique and gave an extra level of confidence that the person I was meeting was for real.

From a female perspective, safety was paramount to me. Knowing you would have met all potential matches before introducing me gave me the utmost confidence.  You spent time getting to know me and my values. It truly felt like a personal introduction service.

Our first date was in London. We spent a wonderful evening around the Southbank and Charing Cross area. We shared a few drinks and chatted and agreed that this wouldn’t be the last date. We held hands as we walked over the bridge to Waterloo. Almost a year on, we are still together and both eternally grateful to you for the care and attention you made in this life changing event. I feel so lucky to have met someone special. This last year has been amazing together…thank you so much for introducing us”  – Female aged 41 – Business Development Manager 

“We are still very much together and still happy after five months and I will keep you posted as to how things develop” – Male aged 62 – Accountant

“I thought I would just send you a quick update. Well, it’s all very positive we get along really well and have been on some amazing dates and have a few things planned for the not too distant future. It’s fairly promising” – Female aged 31 – Solicitor

“Things are going well, she is a warm and thoughtful person and a real joy! I was wondering if it’s possible to put my membership on hold to see how things develop between us” – Male aged 38 – Financial Consultant

“Morning, thank you for your support and she was a very good choice so please suspend our memberships, Kind regards“ – Male IT Manager

“Thank you for the update about my membership I feel really lucky to have met him, we’ve been away lots of times and get along very well”  – Female aged 40 – Area Manager

“Apologies for my delay in responding I have been away for a few days. I have seen him quite a bit and in fact it was him I was away with…at present I am having fun so am taking it as it comes“ – Female aged 59 – Accountant

“Just wanted to say thank you for everything so far, it’s great to meet ladies that are genuinely looking for that long-term partner and a potential good match with myself too, it’s much more positive than when I was doing the online dating.” – Male aged 42 – Graphic Designer

“Hi, I hope you are well. Just wanted to let you know that we’ve had a number of dates and it’s going very well. You were right she is a lovely lady and I am hopeful something more will come of it.”  – Male aged 48 – Business Owner

“I would like to say that I am very impressed with your matching skills as both guys have been lovely intelligent company and I have enjoyed the dates“ – Female aged 34 – Relationship Manager

“I just thought I would update you, I met with her and thought it went really well. To be honest it was the best date I have been on for a long time and I feel quite excited about meeting her again, thank you“ – Male aged 51 Research Scientist

Thank you for all your hard work, I am delighted to have met her” – Financial Consultant

“Things are going really well with him and we are happily dating so I think it’s best to suspend my membership for the time being“ – Female – HR Manager

“I’m enjoying spending time with him and we have a lot of fun together. He’s planned a surprise for me so I have taken Friday off work…no idea! That’s it really I am still with him, thank you.”  – Female – Consultant

“I am so pleased to tell you all is well, we are together and thriving, I am writing this from Gatwick and we are about to board our plane. We were talking about taking you out for dinner to thank you for introducing us” – Female Medical Professional

“I just want to acknowledge the skill you have shown in matching me with someone who brings out my laughter and with whom I enjoy laughing. Possibly the number one aspect of my brief so an impressive match on your part. Thank you” – Male Business Owner

“I am absolutely delighted. It feels like we’ve known each other for ages. I can’t believe you’ve got it so right on just my second match. You are really good at what you do” – Female Entrepreneur

“He is lovely, incredibly genuine and sweet, what you see is certainly what you get and he is so very thoughtful and considerate. We are both at the same stage in our lives and have shared goals and hopes for the future. So I would very much like to put my membership on hold and let this relationship develop. I am very grateful to you for introducing us. I’ll let you know how it all works out” – Female Legal Profession

“It’s going very well, we’ve been on lots of dates and I cooked her a lovely meal for Valentine’s…I am over the moon” – IT Consultant

“She’s lovely, I cannot believe someone like her was single” – Project Manager

“It’s all good and we’ve even booked our first holiday together, all I can say is thank you she’s gorgeous” – Banking Executive

“I just wanted to let you know that we met last night for a drink and ended up having dinner and staying so late that the pub almost threw us out! Suffice to say she is a very nice person and we found lots to chat about. Of course it is incredibly early days so who knows where this will lead but we have agreed to meet again next week. Thanks“ – Business Owner

“We are still dating since August so it is going very well, Happy New Year” – Financial Auditor

“I feel very lucky as I am really enjoying spending time with him. I would very much welcome placing my membership on hold to concentrate on a relationship with him“ – Female Area Manager

“I am lost for words I thoroughly enjoy spending time with him and I like him very much. The conversation flows when I am with him and I feel I’ve known him for longer…thank you for introducing me to him” – Team Manager

“Please could you kindly suspend my membership as I would like a chance to proceed with recent developments with her. In the meantime I’d like to express my thanks for your help to date“ – Accountant

“I wanted to thank you for introducing me to him and let you know that things continue unfolding well for us. It is about two months since we started dating and lots of good things happened…I am so delighted to have met him and we continue to enjoy getting to know one another better…and it feels really good” –  Psychotherapist

“Just a quick update, we met the other night and talked for hours, we both agreed to meet again and did. Third date set for Saturday night“ – Special Needs Teacher

“Things are going really well. We had our 4th date yesterday and our 5th on Saturday. I will suspend my membership as it all feels good” – Female Psychotherapist

“We are getting to know each other slowly which feels good…Thank you for such a great introduction. I know I never would have met her just hanging out in bars in Brighton, which proves your service works for the more discerning searcher for love and companionship” – Male Life Coach

“He and I met last night and we got on very well. We plan to meet again next Friday. Here’s hoping we can find some more common interests” – Female Dietician

“I met with her in Guildford last Saturday. We had a nice relaxing date. Very different to other ones I have had. Following on we have decided to go for a second date and I will let you know how that progresses.” – Male Veterinary Surgeon

“I’ve met up with him a couple more times and we’re getting on well. I just wondered if it would be possible to put my membership on hold for a while to see how this goes? I will keep you posted” – Female Physiotherapist

“You were professional and sensitive throughout the process of introductions and matching…I have found the experience very positive and would thoroughly recommend you” – Female University Lecturer

“We’ve met up a few times and it has gone well. We are going to meet up again, keep you posted” – Male Company Director

“We met up yesterday. He is lovely, seems very nice and very interesting – we are going out again Saturday evening” – Female Consultant

“I had the most enjoyable evening, he asked if I would meet him again and I agreed” – Female, Fitness Instructor

“Thank you for all you have done for me you are a total professional kind and very easy to talk to the way you have kept in touch all the way makes so much difference” – Male Company Director

”It’s early days, we’ve seen each other a couple of times and still finding out about each other. Thank you” 

”She was everything you said intelligent, interesting, attractive…it was a good introduction“

”He’s very charming and easy to talk to…We’ve spoken a few times since and we’re meeting again, thank you for introducing us“

”He was a gentleman throughout and a great guy”

”I really liked her and plan to take her out again”

”She’s great company and lovely and we had lots to talk about. She’s also very kind and generous”

”Had a really lovely evening he was great company and really chatty and a good choice of venue too. He suggested meeting up again too”

”My experience of him so far is that he is a lovely man in many sense of the word. He makes me smile a lot and we have more interests in common than I initially thought we had. We’ve agreed to meet again to see where it takes us”

”It went really well, we’d been chatting all week and yesterday was non
-stop we have similar history and thoughts, for a first date it could not have gone better. We will be seeing each other again”

”Had my date and he was a lovely, nice guy and I am very attracted to him”

”A really nice person, we had a lot in common and we’ve arranged a second date”

”He is a really nice man and I can see why you matched us and we chatted easily” 

”…he is a kind, wonderful person and very intelligent…”  

”After our third date we’re getting along really well thank you for everything” 

”We had a lovely evening, he was very interesting and we will see each other again this weekend” 

”Just to let you know we went out on our date and he was a really nice guy so looking forward to seeing him again” 

”Thanks for your call, I’m excited and looking forward to having a potential date! One of my very good friends is going to get in contact with you as I’ve been impressed with your service”

”I had tried internet dating but nothing. I decided to give what you offered me a go as I had nothing to lose. A couple of days into joining, you contacted me and said you had found someone for me. When I read her profile I could not believe it, there were things that you could not have known yet you found all the things in a person I was looking for. After a conversation and a few text messages we met up. Since then we’ve had two more dates…” 

”You really listened to what I was seeking in a partner. My second introduction led to a fantastic evening and I’m looking forward to our second date” 

”I want to thank you for the sympathetic and professional way in which you dealt with me.”  

“From the outset you displayed the utmost professionalism for what was quite a harrowing experience for me. You really impressed me.”