When can you ask your date if they’ve had the COVID vaccine?

Should you ask your date if they have had their COVID vaccine?

As vaccines have been rolled out to 85% of the UK eligible population, life is getting back to normal. However, COVID has had long-lasting effects on dating and starting new relationships. Like Brexit, there have been clear lines drawn between those with and those without the vaccine. Some take a very firm stance on one side, while others do not.

Those who haven’t had the vaccine are most often for religious reasons, conspiracy theory beliefs or laziness. But how can you tell which it is upon meeting them? If you have differing opinions, it would be better to have these addressed before you go on a date but is it appropriate to ask before your first date?

What do other people do?

It’s a tricky question to ask. Asking could stop dead the relationship before it even begins but could also save you many heartaches if it’s an issue that cannot be resolved.

When then, should you ask about your date’s COVID status? Our younger clients prefer to ask even before the first date. Suppose you have ever used dating apps like Hinge or Bumble. In that case, you can provide your COVID vaccine status on your profile, so any matches already know you’re immunised.

However, you have to ask for this information yourself for people who don’t use dating apps. As matchmakers, we ask each of our clients about their COVID vaccine status. This removes any awkwardness from you and makes sure you’re matched up with someone who shares your beliefs.

The magazine GQ confirm these sentiments as it is information that will have to be disclosed at some point, so why not save yourself some time?

Information is key

Not only does asking give you a chance to have more information about your date, but it also allows them to explain their decision. This could help highlight any other red flags you should be aware of before your first date and can help you decide if you are suitable for each other.

Our advice:
All in all, you should ask your date if they’ve had their COVID vaccine as soon as possible, so you aren’t left wondering, especially if it is essential to you.

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