4 essential style tips for a dating man

Author: Christopher Legard, Managing Director of Joseph Turner, Men’s Fashion Retailer

You only get one chance to make a first impression, which is why, when it comes to dates, your outfit is important. Luckily, Christopher Legard, from men’s fashion retailer Joseph Turner has given us his top style tips for a dating man.

So, you’ve got your first date lined up, but you can’t decide what to wear. Your date can tell a lot about you from their first glance, so read on to find my top style tips for a dating man to help you make the best impression.

Dress for the venue
As a rule of thumb, turning up a bit overdressed is preferable to arriving underdressed, since it will show your date that you’ve made an effort. What you wear will depend on the venue. If you’re doing something casual, like grabbing a coffee, a smart shirt and jeans is the most appropriate — it’s dressy enough for a date, but casual enough for a quick drink. For something more formal, like a sit-down dinner, swap the jeans for a pair of smart trousers or chinos.

If the weather is looking a little chilly (we are in the UK, after all) a plain crew neck sweater looks great pulled over a shirt, without dressing it down. Or, you can add a blazer for a more tailored look.

No matter what you’re doing, you should always wear smart, flat shoes for a date. Opt for leather Oxfords, brogues or even boots, but try to stay away from trainers, sandals or flip-flops, if you can, as these can be too casual for a date.

Add appropriate accessories
Accessories can really make an outfit and will help to get your personality across. Always match your belt to your shoes to complete the whole ensemble— but, try not to be too outrageous with buckles or other features, as these can overpower your overall look if you’re not careful. To add a subtle dash of character, consider a pair of distinctive cufflinks or patterned socks.

Draw attention to your best features
Of course, you want to really impress your date, so try to draw attention to your best features. Lighter colours are more likely to draw the eye, so try to wear pale colours on areas you want to draw attention to, and darker colours on areas you don’t want your date to notice as much. Wearing a shirt in a similar colour to your eyes can really make them stand out, which is perfect if you want that second date!

Add the finishing touches
It would be a shame if your footwear spoilt a smart, stylish outfit, so remember to clean and polish your shoes the night before your date. Of course, personal grooming is essential, and a quick shave and a splash of aftershave can go a long way, too.

When it comes to dates, your outfit is the perfect way to make a good first impression. By following these easy style tips, you can impress any date, and feel confident while you’re doing it!

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